Make TBay Affordable & Deliver Value for your Tax Dollars

For too long we have watched our elected leaders flounder without a plan and waste our hard earned money on vanity projects, outside consultants and shortcuts that go nowhere. City Council is spending over $1 million on a tug boat that keeps sinking, hundreds of thousands of dollars to study event centres and turf facilities that never get built, and flush taxpayer dollars down the toilet to pump chemicals into our water supply which cause pinhole leaks that we have to pay for.

Thunder Bay deserves better. We need real leaders with concrete plans to get things done to deliver value for our tax dollars. Real results with real returns on investment. Right now seniors are being priced out of their homes due to tax increases, lead pipes are poisoning our children and our roads are in shambles. We must demand accountability and tell candidates Peng You and Ken Boshcoff that you had your chance. You ran the city for years and you got us into this mess. It’s time for change, not more of the same.

We can make smart investments that pay off for our hard working citizens instead of catering to our entitled elite. Things like expanding city run child care so families can afford to raise their children and women can choose to get back into the workforce to address our labour shortage. We can invest in our south core and lead a rejuvenation to generate new tax dollars without adding to our infrastructure burden. We can fix our roads so citizens aren’t on the hook for damaged vehicles and repair our pipes so people don’t suffer from pinhole leaks.

We must trim the fat in our budget while spending on the things that matter most. Creating safe neighbourhoods, supporting local business and ending homelessness are true investments that pay dividends for years. We need to aggressively invest in our future and end the cycle of wasteful spending so we can make our city affordable for ourselves and our children.

As a successful business-person I know how to deliver a real return on investment. I’ve made the tough choices to scrimp and save so I had the money to invest in the things that bring in real dollars. Thunder Bay needs the unique combination of someone with the business skills to whip our budget into shape and the experience of working with our most disadvantaged at Shelter House to know what’s at stake and leave no one behind.

Vote Mack for Mayor to tell those who would waste your money that you’ve had enough. It’s time we take a stand, take back our city and put a real leader in power with a mandate for change.

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